Now Would Be a Good Time to Order BarriQ

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Now Would Be a Good Time to Order BarriQ

You Are in Control

With so many variations of our superior BarriQ oak to choose from, we give you the freedom to mature your creations in the best possible way.

BarriQ oak, combined with our Flexcubes, is more cost-effective compared to conventional oak barrels. Paired with our ‘cubes’, BarriQ allows your wine to integrate with the oak more efficiently.

It’s great for the environment too. The more surface area exposed to wine means less oak is used.

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On recently tasting samples of wine bottled in 2011, we found an unrivalled, rich freshness from the wine integrated with BarriQ oak compared to the wine matured in conventional oak barrels leading us to believe in the superiority of our product combined with our oxygen-permeable vessels.

Order your BarriQ oak today!

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