What are the advantages of having Next Generation Barrels in my winery?

Next Generation Barrels offer six main advantages:

Quality -The highest possible wine quality, from the reliability of constant and linear passive oxygenation and the consistent high grade of BarriQ oak, guaranteeing wines with preservation of fresh fruit characters and integration with perfect oak influence.

Control – The winemaker has a broad range of options by combining different oxygen permeabilities, oak profiles, oak quantities and contact times.

Consistency – The passive oxygenation levels of Flexcubes are consistent from Flexcube-to-Flexcube and remain unchanged over time. BarriQ provides accurate & reproducible toasting throughout the wood and greatly increased batch-to-batch consistency through multiple randomisations of barrel staves through the production process (for example, minimisation of tree-to-tree quality variation).

Space – Next Generation Barrels can be stacked to up to 4,000 litres (40 hl / 1,060 gals) making it possible to double the capacity of any barrel room. Find out more in our Space Efficiency Chart

Maintenance – One 1,000 litre Flexcube is equivalent in capacity to four-and-a-third 225L traditional oak barrels but only requires the set-up, cleaning & maintenance of one. Next-generation barrels are easier to top up, clean and move around. They can be cleaned using less water than traditional barrels.

Environment – Next Generation Barrels offer a much more efficient approach to oak, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of winemaking. In using BarriQ oak in the wine, all of the oak is being used, not just the inner 3-5mm layer as in traditional barrels.