Flexhire by Flexcube
Giving you even more control in your winery.

Winemaking can rely a lot on external elements including fluctuating yields or unforeseen circumstances slowing down production or sales. That is why Flexcube now gives you an option to hire our Mk.1 Flexcubes at a very agreeable monthly rate.

We present to you a solution that easily fits into any winery’s budget and is available in Australia RIGHT NOW!

Flexcubes MK1
mk.1 flexcube hero

Advantages of Hiring

  • The answer for your storage fluctuations
  • Flexhire is our Flexcube in-house operation
  • Preserves your capital and spreads your costs
  • Maturation is made easy and reliable
  • Space-saving storage
  • Easy to move with a forklift or pallet jack
  • Easy to clean
  • New oak in every vintage
  • Return when it is no longer required


1000L Mk.1 Flexcube

flexcube mk1 1000l

12 monthsAU$160

36 monthsAU$100

1500L Mk.1 Flexcube

Flexcube MK1 1500L

12 monthsAU$210

36 monthsAU$120

2000L Mk.1 Flexcube

Flexcube MK1 2000L

12 monthsAU$260

36 monthsAU$150

Hire Your Flexcubes

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