10000L Wine Storage Tank



A great solution that will put less strain on your budget, and will even improve the quality of your wine!

Reductive conditions in stainless steel tanks encourage the formation of ‘reduced’ characteristics in wine such as those caused by bisulphides and thiols, which often do not respond well to copper fining or racking.

The Flexcube oxygen permeable storage vessels are not reductive and behave much more like large oak storage vats. With oxygen uptake at only a fraction of that in barrels, they provide safe storage for all varieties.

Our storage vessels are supplied standard in translucent, UV-stable polymer and allow contents and lees to be directly visible through the walls, making racking and internal cleaning easier.

A sample tap and bottom valve can be fitted onto the storage tank.

O2 Permeability 2.6 mg/L/yr


H 2.9 m | ⌀ 2.4 m

Additional information

Dimensions 2400 × 2400 × 2900 cm