BarriQ – Grand



Sourced from the finest cooperage forests in France, Russia and America, our oak has been designed to match the flavours, tannins, aromatics, properties and complexities of the finest oak barrels. Our oak is hand split rather than sawn and seasoned in our own yards for a minimum of 24 months.

Our BarriQ barrel oak is genuine barrel oak, cut 23mm thick just like a barrel, 100% hand quarter split with perfectly straight and tight grain that provides a slow and consistent infusion into the wines.

Our BarriQ Packs equate to 60% new barrel oak when coupled with 1000 L Flexcube.

Recommended ageing time: 9 to 18 months.

Pieces: 8 to 11

Length (475 mm, 600 mm, & 950 mm) and width (50 mm to 100 mm) differ, but the thickness remains at 23 mm.

Additional information

Weight9.25 kg
Dimensions0.23 cm