Maturation Cylinder



Our Maturation Cylinders are the best cost-effective solution for the maturation of wine. Providing the same maturation capabilities as Next Generation Barrels, they allow winemakers to produce top quality wines ”without the frills”.

Small batch, break down volumes and oak trials

Our mini-sized 100 litres/1 hl/26.5gal Bottles are designed for ultra-small lot wine maturation, break down volumes and trials.
These Bottles perfectly recreate the oxygen permeability of the larger maturation vessels. Ideal for the small lot winemaker, those awkward small volume “leftover” batches and oak trials.
Only requiring small volumes of wine, which in turn reduces cost and handling, the 100 litres/1 hl/26.5gal Bottles allow you to have more treatments. By introducing the oxygen element, winemakers can now see what the real impact of a test oak will be.


Soldier (600 litres/160 gal) -available in low and medium permeability.

Barrel (300 litres/80 gal) – available in low and medium permeability.

Bottle (100 litres/26 gal) – available in low, medium and high permeability.

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