The Industrial



Introduced in 2003 the Industrial is Flexcube’s first oxygen-permeable maturation vessel. It’s the workhorse in your winery.

Our tough, durable, proven performer permits perfectly controlled, passive oxygenation of the wine through its patented polymer formula, allowing reliable, consistent production year after year.

The frame is industrial strength galvanised steel, the polymer 100% food grade and taint free. Screw top lid, sample tap and bottom outlet valve. Stackable up to four high, easy to clean, 20-year life cycle and fully recyclable.

The Industrial is incredibly versatile, so can be used for fermentation, maturation and transportation.


Three sizes available in three oxygen permeabilities that have been precisely engineered:

Low permeability suitable for white wines and top-quality red wines created for long aging.
Medium permeability suitable for a wide ranges of red wines and some white wines.
High permeability suitable for red wine maturation where a softer finish or earlier release is desired.

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