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Welcome to Flexcube.

Innovation in winemaking technology.

At Flexcube, we create next-generation barrels to replace traditional oak barrels.
We are masters of oak, experts in wine maturation and leaders in the application
of controlled passive oxygenation polymer cubes in winemaking.

Design, quality, and knowledge sit at the heart of our company.

We work with many of the most prestigious wineries around the world and
have created a global network of technical consultants and support managers
that work closely with winemakers.

Our mission is to open new possibilities for winemakers to make exquisite wine.

Flexcube Benefits

flexcube quality wine


The reliability of constant and linear passive oxygenation and the high grade of BarriQ oak, guarantee less reductive wines with fresh fruit characters and perfect oak integration.
barriq flexcube control


The winemaker has a broad range of options by combining different oxygen permeabilities, oak barrel-blends, oak quantities and contact times.
flexcube oxygen


The passive oxygenation levels of Flexcubes remain unchanged over time and are uniform through the entire surface. Convection toasting of BarriQ provides an even toasting throughout the wood and guarantees batch to batch consistency.
flexcube space efficiency


Next Generation Barrels can be stacked to up to 4,000 litres/40 hl/1,060gal making possible to double the capacity of any barrel room. Find out more Space Efficiency Chart
flexcube maintenance


A 1,000 litre Flexcube is equivalent in capacity to over four traditional oak barrels but only requires the maintenance of one. Next Generation Barrels are easier to top up, clean and move around.
flexcube environment friendly


Next Generation Barrels offer a much more efficient approach to oak, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of winemaking.  By introducing BarriQ oak in the wine, all sides of the oak are being used, not just a 5mm layer as in traditional barrels.


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This project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through AusIndustry’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.