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Who We Are

An Australian Dream Became a Reality

It’s the 21st century and winemakers are still using barrels to produce wine: An expensive, exhaustive supply of precious forest oak being cut down to make traditional wine barrels. There must be a better way.

The dream was to replicate and improve on traditional, expensive oak barrels. This has challenged winemakers over the centuries…until in 2001 a couple of Australian engineers came up with a solution using polymer.

Flexcube was born.

Flexcubes mimic the oxygen permeability levels of barrels, but unlike barrels, these levels remain constant over time providing an almost unlimited lifespan of reliable performance.

Flexcube also offers winemakers true barrel Oak BarriQ sourced from the finest forests in France, Russia and America. The oak BarriQ comes in profiles that match the flavours, tannins, aromatics, and complexities of the finest barrels.

Over the years Flexcube has gained wide acceptance from winemakers, even in traditional markets. Flexcubes have been used in Australia and around the world since 2001 and are currently leading the market in the area of new-age winemaking. Notable and award-winning wines have come from our cubes, which are manufactured and assembled in Australia and China for distribution worldwide.

The concept is straightforward:

Oxygen permeable polymer Flexcubes containing wine are coupled with true barrel oak, the exact same oak that is used to make traditional oak barrels. We put the oak in the wine, not the wine in the oak.

Flexcube Mission

Our Mission

At Flexcube, we are passionate about helping winemakers make exquisite wine.

We have created the only truly successful alternative to replace traditional oak barrels.

We are experts in wine maturation and leaders in the application of controlled passive oxygenation polymer cubes in winemaking. Our cubes are Australian designed and manufactured and shipped all around the world.

Design, quality and knowledge sit at the heart of our company.

We work with many of the most prestigious wineries around the world and have a dedicated global network that work closely with winemakers. Let us work with you.

Research and Development, Patents & Intellectual Property

At Flexcube we have invested heavily in research and development and Intellectual Property.

We conduct our own extensive research and also collaborate with universities throughout the world.

We have created a strong suite of Patents and Registered Designs covering our key inventions. These Patents give exclusive rights to our inventions to prevent others from unfairly making, using, selling, or distributing these patented inventions without permission. It is the core of the Western invention process and protects both inventors and customers alike.

At Flexcube we are diligent and serious about protecting our intellectual property to prevent fraud, unauthorised theft and misappropriation of our rights.