The Flexcube Early Bird Special

Flexcube The Early Bird Special

The Flexcube Early Bird Special

Limited stock on special. Offer only valid in Australia.

Get yours today and SAVE!



FLEXCUBE MK2 1000L @ $3100 (excl. GST & Delivery)

& GET:

BarriQ French, Classic Barrel Profile, with untoasted heads Grand pack FOR FREE

Not only do you save $675, but you also save:


Flexcube gives you 50% more storage capacity. See our chart.


Up to 70% compared to traditional barrels.


80% less oak is used. We only make use of oak where it counts the most.

flexcube and barriq oak

BarriQ Oak

It’s more cost-effective, and better for the environment. We put the oak in the wine and not the wine in the oak.

Find out more about BarriQ oak here.



Flexcube MK2 Bundle

Flexcube MK 2

Flexcube gives you more consistency and better control throughout your winemaking process. And it’s a great space saver.

Learn more on how Flexcube can help in your cellar here.



Contact us today and let us discuss how Flexcube and BarriQ Oak can be a part of your cellar, big or small, in the best possible way.

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